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Aujourd’hui Speichim Processing a l’image de l’un des meilleurs spécialistes de la purification et plus spécialement de la distillation
The core of our DNA at Speichim Processing is technical expertise, which has always been lauded by our customers and peers. The company's especially long history was quickly organized around the desire to develop the field of chemical engineering. The research center in Brioude (center of France) was originally created to advance this scientific discipline and has trained generations of engineers who are well-versed in the major processes used in the chemicals industry. That expertise was recognized by Technip when it acquired Speichim in 1994. Sold again a few years later by the French engineering firm, the Processing branch has always been faithful to its roots and will continue to maintain this technical culture that is so crucial to operational excellence.  
Today Speichim Processing is respected as one of the best specialists in purification, and more specifically in distillation. Whether it is atmospheric, vacuum, extractive, reactive or molecular distillation, the various techniques are used expertly to purify and separate often-complex flows. These operations are usually carried out in multiple interconnected columns to optimize the quality and yield of the different fractions. The different arrangements are first evaluated based on estimates, then they are validated through calculations that use the most advanced coding to simulate industrial distillation columns.

Speichim Processing leverages this unique distillation expertise for its customers. An expert can provide consulting services to improve, optimize or remove a bottleneck from a new or existing process.

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