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New opportunities for Thermal Fluid regeneration

The auction of renewables for solar thermal plants will mean an increase in the production of waste thermal fluid, opening up new business opportunities for Valls Química in the regeneration of this fluid.

The Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge has called the third renewable auction with 520 MW for solar thermoelectric, biomass, distributed photovoltaic and other technologies for October 25th.
Due to this increase in the activity of solar thermal plants, the production of residual thermal fluid will increase.
This will represent a new opportunity for Valls Química in its thermal fluid regeneration treatment, thus contributing to the circular economy, whose line is highly established and valued in the company.

Valls Química and the Thermal Fluid

For approximately 15 years, Valls Química has been devoting part of its resources to the regeneration of thermal fluid obtained from solar thermal plants.
In doing so, it has broadened its market range and taken another step forward in the circular economy, the basis of its activity, with the regeneration of waste and its subsequent reuse in its original use.
In this way, it helps to close the circle of waste generation and its reuse, either in its own activity or with the creation of other products.