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A solvent treatment and purification specialist

For over 70 years, Speichim Processing and Valls Química have been developing original solutions for products that are ever more pure and more environmentally friendly.
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Our business is divided into four segments

Toll distillation for fine chemicals: purification and synthesis
Solvent regeneration
Sales of virgin and regenerated solvents
Technical expertise: process optimization and solvent substitution

atom Renowned expertise

We have mastery in all distillation techniques and can operate them for you.

Our services

badge Our commitments to excellence

We comply with the strictest safety and environmental standards to protect employees, subcontractors and customers
We actively disseminate our code of ethics and our corporate involvement
We promote the circular economy and the energy transition
We continuously improve our operations and services to satisfy our customers
We build lasting partnerships
We recognize the role of individuals

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