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Its plants multiply their extensive experience to implement multistep processes that combine material and energy efficiency. In addition to custom regeneration and purification treatments, our company manufacturers specialty chemicals through reactive distillation.
SPEICHIM PROCESSING A SUSTAINABLE KNOW-HOW   As the European leader in chemical distillation, Speichim Processing offers various ad hoc services:
  • Purification and synthesis of intermediates
  • Regeneration of industrial solvents
  • Process development
  • Solvent trading
  As a manufacturer with nearly 70 years of experience, Speichim Processing develops circular economy strategies by recovering the waste and chemical products of its customers in many sectors: fine chemicals, cosmetics, perfumery, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, etc. All our sites are Installations Classified for the Protection of the Environment (ICPE) and are classified Seveso high threshold (Saint-Vulbas) or Seveso low threshold (Beaufort and Mourenx). Committed to continuous improvement, Speichim Processing meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard and, for certain products, the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) procedure for the pharmaceutical industry. DISCOVER SPEICHIM PROCESSING AND VALLS QUÍMICA IN VIDEO
VALLS QUÍMICA A SOLID EXPERTISE Valls Química was founded in 1984 and has positioned itself as a pioneer in the regeneration of solvents in Spain. Today, Valls Química is the reference and leader in the Iberian market. Located in Valls, near Tarragona in Catalonia, our factory is in the heart of the most industrialised region of Spain with a strong presence of the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. Our dedicated treatment units and specific processes allow us to treat the most technical hazardous industrial waste such as industrial gases, obsolete chemicals, pesticides, etc... Valls Química participates daily in the circular economy and environmental protection by regenerating chemical products such as:
  • thermal fluids used in solar thermal power plants,
  • solvents from the automotive, pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries
For Valls Química, the satisfaction of its customers and the follow-up of their know-how is the key to its continuous improvement process.  
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Key figures

$ 50M
number of employees
+ 100 000 t/an
waste treatment capacity
10 000 m3
storage capacity
number of pilot plants
number of industrial distillation columns
number of evaporators
number of Speichim ISO containers in France
20 ha
Surface area of our 4 sites


Born in 1953 from the merger of three boilermakers, Speichim began its industrial history with the design, manufacture and installation of equipment for the chemical industry.

SPEICHIM PROCESSING 1953 - Speichim Processing is born from the merger of three boilermakers. Design, manufacture and installation of chemical equipment 1984 - Start-up of the purification and regeneration unit in Mourenx (64) 1989 - Start-up of the purification and regeneration unit in Saint-Vulbas (01) 1993 - Acquisition of the purification and regeneration unit of Valls Química (Spain), by the Tredi group 1998 - Acquisition of Speichim Processing by the Tredi group and integration of the Beaufort site 2002 - Acquisition of the Tredi group by Séché Environnement and certification of all Speichim Processing sites
VALLS QUíMICA 1984 - Creation of Valls Química 1993 - Acquisition of Valls Química by the Tredi group 1996 - Expansion of the plant's surface area and treatment capacity 1997 - Installation of equipment dedicated to the purification of pharmaceutical products 2001 - Commissioning of a dryer for better solvent recovery 2002 - Acquisition of the Tredi group by Séché Environnement 2005 - Authorization to store and treat hydrocarbon 2012 - Authorization for a hazardous waste transit centre 2016 - Modernisation of the distillation columns 2017 - Authorisation to receive and treat Ethanol waste 2021 - Adaptation of column to high vacuum

Séché Environnement Group

The group is positioned in the areas of renewable energies extracted from waste in the form of heat or electricity and is actively involved in the development of green, eco-innovative technologies in connection with the recovery of waste.

Séché Environnement is one of the leading players in the recovery and treatment of all types of wastes in France, from both industry and local communities.

More specifically, for its hazardous waste management operations, its mission is to support the international growth of its industrial customer base by making is chemical treatment expertise available, both in France and abroad.

By extracting resources from waste and limiting the possible harm from final waste, Séché Environnement works on a daily basis to protect the environment and, in doing so, places central importance on safeguarding ecosystems.

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