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Energy transition

Fully aware of the energy impact of distillation techniques, Speichim Processing and Valls Química aims to practice energy optimization firstly by capturing inherently trapped heat and sensible heat,  then by limiting thermal loss through the use of effective insulation, and finally by closely managing its electrical resources (synchronous engines, frequency converters, etc.). Many of these improvements received energy savings certificates.


The Séché Environnement Group is also extremely involved in the energy transition. Another milestone has been achieved in October 2017 when, for the first time in France, a new energy production system using solid recovered fuel (SRF) was installed on the Séché Eco-Industries site in Changé. The system runs all year long. The heat generated is delivered to a company that uses it for fodder dehydration from March to November. The energy, which is not consumed outside that period, is available for injection in the municipal heating grid of Laval city, especially to heat apartment buildings and government facilities.

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