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We recognize the role of individuals

The men and women who work for our organizations, our subcontractors and our customers are the vital forces with which we forge the trusting connections that are essential to growing our respective businesses.

Our values recognize everyone’s role, as well as their results, efforts and skills. We are eager to build effective organizations in which the human factor is the cardinal value ‒ the one that enables individuals to thrive and inspires them to give the best of themselves.

Our HR teams are actively involved in training employees over the course of their careers and cultivates close relationships that are conducive to a peaceful work environment.

Our Communication Department promotes careers in our profession through partnerships with schools and companies; it takes part in the local Science Fair and hosts visits by middle and high school students and engineers each year. Through apprenticeships, we train young workers in chemicals professions and promote them with passion.

By means of in-depth surveys, we regularly appeal to our customers and employees to identify pathways for improvement and progress.

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