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Synthesis and purification

The Speichim site in Montluçon (03) is specialised in organic synthesis in fine chemistry.
It offers “catalogue” or “single-client” products as well as custom synthesis. It can carry out a wide range of chemical reactions on advanced and/or high added value molecules. Its solid/liquid separation and drying capacities allow it to offer large quantities, packaged in big-bags in particular.

Key figures

  • Surface area: 4.5 ha (covered area 9,000m2 including 6,000m2 of warehouses)
  • Tank storage: 650 m3
  • Total reaction volume: 120m3

Synthesis technologies

  • High temperature (+250°C)
    Esterification, Condensation
    Capacity: 3000L to 7000L
  • Friedel Kraft reaction
    Phenothiazine derivatives
    Capacity: 3000L to 8000L
  • Methylation
    CH3Br, DMS
    Capacity: 3000L to 8000L
  • Oxidation
    H2O2 50%, DMS
    Capacity: 3000L to 8000L
  • Hydrogenation (250°C & 20 bars)
    Capacity: 3000L
  • Other reductions (250°C & 20 bars)
    Hydride and Hydrazine
    Capacity: 3000L
  • Halogenation
    Chlorination, Iodination, Bromination, Fluorination
    Capacity: 3000L to 8000L
  • Cyanidation
    CuCn, NaCn
    Capacity: 3000L to 8000L
  • Chiral chemistry
    Enantiomeric separation (tartaric acids)
  • Acetylation, Hydrolysis

Purification technologies

  • Distillation up to 12 theoretical plates
    Up to 250°C, 3 to 5 mBar
    Capacity: 3000L to 8000L


  • 2 multi-product synthesis units
    • Total reaction volume: 120 m3
    • 6 stainless steel reactors, 12 glass-lined steel reactors, 2 Hastelloy reactors (C276)
    • 3 centrifuges, 3 stainless steel stirred closed filters
    • 5 agitated vacuum dryers
    • 2 gas unloading stations
  • 1 finishing unit (drying and conditioning)
    Pressure cascade for the final stages of products active in human health
  • 2 abatement columns for acid gases
    Friedel-Craft reactions, use of SOCl2…

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