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This is a long-standing field that evolved to enable manufacturers from an array of industries, such as pharmaceuticals, paints, surface coatings, printing, rubber and plastics, to access a circuit of residual flows recovery they may or may not wish to reuse after regeneration. Our aim is to support customers in implementing the treatment that is best fits their constraints while meeting their targets for CSR (corporate social responsibility), quality, cost and safety.

Our approach

Industrial solvents can dissolve or dilute substances without altering their chemical composition. Therefore, in a process, solvents enable numerous functions, such as transport, application, cleaning or products’separations. After these steps, the residual solvent flow may contain dry extract (dissolved materials, chemical contaminants, other solvents or water. Regeneration, or the operation that allows separation of the solvent from the other components and obtention of a solvent whose quality is similar to that of the original solvent, requires expertise and operational rigor. Backed by its structured approach and vast experience, Speichim Processing offers many customized solutions that maximize material savings.

Our approach offers multiple advantages

Thanks to ultra-effective facilities in several plants located near multimodal hubs and to our affiliation with the Séché Environnement Group, a leader in hazardous waste treatment, we can bring you economical solutions. By lowering the costs of new solvents, waste elimination and logistics, Speichim Processing is committed to working with its customers to develop sustainable, innovative solutions that are environmentally safe and to promoting the circular economy. Our advice on handling, flow sorting, transportation and substituting the most hazardous solvents is also a vital asset in building lasting partnerships that favor industrial growth.

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