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Industrial solvents have the property of dissolving or diluting substances without altering their chemical composition. Thus, in a process, solvents have many functions such as transport, application, cleaning or separation of products. After these steps the waste solvent stream may contain dry extract (dissolved material), chemical contaminants, other solvents, water, etc. Regeneration, i.e. the operation that separates the solvent from the other constituents and obtains a solvent of similar quality to that of the original solvent, requires expertise and operational mastery.

An ecological solution for your waste management

This activity has been developed to enable manufacturers in a wide range of sectors such as pharmaceuticals, paint, surface coatings, printing, rubber and plastics, etc. to have a channel for recycling waste flows that they may or may not wish to reuse after regeneration.

The regenerated solvent can be reintegrated into its original process or find a new industrial use. It is intended for any industry using solvents and in particular for the automotive, paint, varnish, ink and coating sectors.

Solvents with a high dry matter content are bleached in a vacuum evaporator and then separated in a distillation column. Solvents with low solids content are distilled under atmospheric pressure.

Thanks to efficient installations in several plants located near multimodal axes on the one hand and to its integration in the Séché Environnement group, leader in the treatment of hazardous waste on the other hand, our solutions enable you to reduce your costs
– supply of new solvents,
– waste destruction
– logistics

Speichim Processing and Valls Química are committed to developing innovative and sustainable solutions that respect the environment and promote the circular economy. Our advice in handling, sorting of flows, transport and substitution of the most dangerous solvents are also necessary assets to build sustainable partnerships favourable to the growth of the industry.

Our objective is to assist our clients in finding the most appropriate treatment for their needs, while respecting their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), quality, cost and safety objectives.

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