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Ethical code

Séché Environnement decided to join the United Nations Global Compact in 2003.

This choice is part of the voluntary arrangement instituted by the United Nations through which businesses, associations and NGOs are urged to adhere to 10 universally accepted principles involving human rights, labor standards, environment and anti corruption actions.

Working from these guiding principles, we developed our own code of business ethics, which is retranscribed in a Sustainable Development Charter, Health-Safety-Environment Quality Policies and a Code of Practices.

The regulations set out in these charters, policies and codes do not substitute or replace national or international law with which the group must strictly comply. These commitments are not contractual but must be known and applied by all the employees. Their collaboration is everyone’s responsibility and specifically, that of our executives.

The target is not to anticipate or codify everything. However, a few clear and precise principles combined with a sense of individual responsibility and good practices are a useful reference frame for everyone.


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