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Speichim Processing and Valls Química brings all their logistical know-how at the service of their customers
The step at which solvents are regenerated or chemicals intermediates are purified, always demands complex planning that takes into account numerous parameters. The length of production runs or scheduled shutdowns upstream/downstream storage volumes, distances between plants, duration of regeneration or purification and regulatory authorizations are but a few examples. Speichim Processing brings all its logistics know-how to serve its customers. With our fleet of ISO containers, fixed storage facilities and partnerships with multiple international logisticians, we carry out deliveries and pick-ups on a rhythmical pace all over Europe. Our teams travel to find the best solutions and identify together with customers the technical specifications that meet their needs. Thanks to our fleet of iso-containers and our fixed storage facilities, and our partnerships with several international logisticians, we are able to ensure that deliveries and collections are made at regular intervals throughout Europe. Our teams travel to study the best solutions and define with the customers the specifications that meet their expectations.Valls Química also offers deliveries in tankers, isocontanks or flatbed trucks. Packaging in IBCs and/or drums is part of the services offered, including for heat-sensitive products.  
Our strengths
  • Responsive service and personal advice via a contact person who coordinates production and logistics;
  • Dedicated and ADR trained drivers;
  • European reach;
  • Turnkey services: from the collection of your raw product in bulk and/or packaged to the delivery of the product once it has been processed by us (possibility of pumping / collection and delivery via pump tankers / IBCs / drums). There are many solutions;
  • Adaptable loading methods (particularly under nitrogen);
  • Constant adaptability of our vehicles to the needs and requirements of the customer (manufacture of customised fittings, flanges, etc.)
  • Possibility of renting 25 and 35 m3 capacity containers and/or mobile storage in isotank
  •  Systematic quality control with documentation (e.g. APPLICA washing certificate before loading a treated product).

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