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Fractionating flows derived from reaction steps is our core businesses. Separating high-value products from non-converted raw materials, by-products and reaction solvents often requires complex solutions. A rigorous, organized approach combined with extensive operational experience enables us to design creative ‒ and often innovative ‒ solutions. Supervising these various steps with several quality processes is critical to meeting our customers' goals, and to ensuring the highest possible level of safety.

Our approach

REACH status, SDS, safety assessment according to INERIS criteria, physicochemical properties, corrosiveness, analytical characterization, waste status, customs status, ICPE authorizations, process profiles, packaging, logistics, etc.

Arrangement of columns and interconnections, inclusion of related processes (neutralization, filtration, decantation, addition of inhibitor, etc.), definition of process flow charts and validation through digital simulations as needed.

Laboratory tests on representative samples (1 to 2 kg), definition of analysis, corrosion tests, process validation.

Process transposing on a few hundred kilograms, determination of settings, evaluation of sensitivity to deviations, customer pre-approval, drafting of technical operating procedure (TOP).

Adaptation of equipment; production launch and continuous optimization; validation of quality, yield and cost; customer final approval; distribution of production run report.

Our approach provides various advantages:

Incorporation of internal and external feedback

Involvement of multifunctional teams

Systematic review of HSE critical points to ensure risks management

Efficient identification of customer requirements

Ongoing search for optimum parameters

Early detection of critical attention points and potential deviations

Constructive exchanges with customers

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