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Fractionating flows derived from reaction steps is our core businesses. Separating high-value products from non-converted raw materials, by-products and reaction solvents often requires complex solutions. A rigorous, organized approach combined with extensive operational experience enables us to design creative ‒ and often innovative ‒ solutions. Supervising these various steps with several quality processes is critical to meeting our customers' goals, and to ensuring the highest possible level of safety.

Our approach

After receiving a sample, our teams put together a technical file to monitor the most appropriate treatment for the product entrusted to us.

Depending on the characteristics of your product and its tonnage, a wide range of choices is possible (vacuum distillation, atmospheric pressure distillation, reactive distillation, azeotropic distillation, extractive distillation, molecular distillation) to best meet your specifications. The Short Path, a vacuum distillation down to 0.01mbar is the ideal solution for heat sensitive products.

For new distillation purification projects, we carry out tests on representative samples (1 to 2kg) for the development of analyses, corrosion tests and validation of process choices. We are able to process products with high melting points (120°) and boiling points (300°).

We implement the process on a few hundred kg, in order to determine the settings, evaluate the sensitivity to drift, obtain customer pre-approval and draft the operating technique (TOP). We have steel columns that can handle from 100 kg to 10 tonnes, with separation capacities of up to 80 theoretical plates and a vacuum of up to 2 mbar, as well as falling film boilers.

Our double-jacketed vacuum evaporators with scraped film and our 316 L distillation columns are at your service to process from 10 to several hundred tons. With a separation capacity of up to 60 theoretical trays, these 0.5 to 1m diameter columns allow batch or continuous vacuum distillation (from 2 mbar to Patm). They are equipped with falling film boilers. The product is packaged in bulk, IBCs or drums. Additional storage and logistics solutions can be offered.

Our approach provides various advantages:

Reduced learning curve when starting a new process

Risk control

Ability to optimise existing processes

Early detection of critical attention points and potential deviations

Constructive exchanges with customers

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